I’m a resident of Ward One. This is our home. Whether through birth, relocation, or immigration, it is the place we have chosen to live authentic lives fueled by passion, and connect with those of similar purpose and value. We have found ourselves, and each other, through embracing the unique culture. We celebrate our achievements together every weekend at our favorite bars and restaurants. We inspire our neighbors to achieve more, succeed more, and fail better through our connectedness. As we climb high, we always reach back to lift up our entire community. Ward One is our tribe. We give it our best every day, so we demand it give its best back to all of us. We constantly hold each other accountable, now it is time to do the same for City Council.

Meet Sheika Reid: Organizer, Businesswoman, Advocate, Radio Personality, and Neighbor

Policy Issues

Affordable housing is a problem. Gentrification is pushing out our working class neighbors. Prejudiced immigration initiatives are targeting our Ethiopian, Salvadorian, Nigerian, and Mexican friends. Our neighbors with disabilities are fighting policy discrimination. And, the small businesses that we have started, that fill the social gaps our political leaders ignore, are struggling to find capital. It is clear that there is more work for City Council to do.

Our community deserves better. Our grit is apparent in that despite these issues we continue to persevere by relying on one another. We are capable of keeping our heads above water, and thriving, but more of our energy should be invested in our ideas that move the world forward and less on the financial stresses that bind us to jobs we loathe, homes we soon may not be able to afford, fear of deportation, or fear to continue our education.

Our power is not in continuously repeating the same grievances to local officials. Our power is in electing someone who has been right there beside us because that person understands all of our qualms with policy and politics. This local election is about us. It’s about the candidate that puts us first.

Candidate Forum: Sheika Reid Ward 1

A Vote for Sheika is a Vote for Yourself

Sheika Reid gets it. She has a plan. Her ideas encompass all of our voices because she has been right beside us as our neighbor, colleague, and friend. From creating a bilingual pilot program in public schools and supporting programs that uplift women entrepreneurs to relief from ticketing debt and solutions to sustainable growth, Sheika is our candidate. Her passion is apparent. Her policy agenda paves the way to a society that lets constituents charge directly towards their versions of success. She is brilliant and qualified. She has been right there at our community service events and in line at the small businesses we have started. She has organized numerous community forums that have placed our solutions directly in the hands of the Directors and Executives who have the power to invoke change. She hears us.

As a Strategist at EVI Equity, she managed community land trusts. She also created a marketplace for small businesses to exchange and import global goods. As a Consultant-Architectural Drafter with ShereDesign, she contributed to implementing affordable development initiatives. As Director of Affordable Housing Opportunities at Avanti Real Estate Services, Sheika brought together neighbors, business leaders, community activists, and government officials to development an affordable housing project. There is action behind her promises.


More important than her professional success is that fact that she is the same friend who celebrates with us. The same friend that holds us accountable, dusts us off, and gives us that shove back on track. Sheika sees us because she is one of us. She is the daughter that mothers and fathers brag about, the big sister that showed us that we can succeed after disappointment, and the colleague who listens without judgment.

Sheika is our candidate. A vote for her is a vote for our own continued success. Election Day is June 19th!

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